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May 25, 2009

Love Him Two Times

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Tom DiCillo gives some excellent news about his upcoming Doors documentary, When You’re Strange, by confirming on his website that Johnny’s narration for the film has been completed!  He sounds really enthusiastic about what Johnny has been able to contribute, calling the narration “fantastic,” “personal,” and “crucial.”  In various blog posts on his site, he has given huge compliments to Johnny’s intelligence and talent as an actor, as well as his emotional connection to the music and to Morrison.  These are exactly the kinds of comments I love hearing, and make me feel more than ever that Johnny is perfectly suited to be a part of this film!

As I mentioned a couple of months ago, I was a little nervous about when Johnny would possibly have the time to provide his narration, given that The Rum Diary filming in Puerto Rico has taken up most of this spring, and Public Enemies promotion will likely be starting soon.  I’m so glad that he had the time to shoehorn this into his busy schedule!  It would be interesting to hear where and when the recording was done- did Johnny have facilities in Puerto Rico, or was he able to travel to a recording studio on his days off?  We may never learn the details, but perhaps Johnny or DiCillo will give us some info about that in the future.

The big question now is, when and where will When You’re Strange have any future screenings?  DiCillo pulled out of this past March’s South By Southwest Film Festival when it was apparent that the film would not be completed with Johnny’s narration before the screening.  Now that he finally has the recording in his hands, he estimates that it’ll take a week to cut it into the film.  It’s probably too late now for some early summer film festivals, but hopefully he’ll be able to enter it in time for some late summer or fall festivals.  The best news of all would be to hear news of a theatrical release.  In his remarks, DiCillo has promised it will happen.  Let’s hope so!  Keep an eye on Tom’s site, as well as the When You’re Strange Official Website for any updates.

Huge props to DiCillo for being so forthright in his posts on his site.  Even when he didn’t have news to report, he has always kept the line of communication open with his readers (even lurkers, like me!)  Hopefully, he’ll continue to update everyone in terms of festivals, screenings, and a theatrical release!

May 27 UPDATE: When You’re Strange has been accepted to the LA Film Festival, which takes place from June 18-28.  DiCillo reports on his website that he’s still working on integrating the narration into the film, but it is excellent news that it will be ready for screening this soon!  Best wishes to the film for a successful and productive screening!


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